Amy Adams

This mini series is great, the in depth history of the sport is fantastic, even for someone like me who is a baseball fanatic I learned so much that I didn't know about the history of the sport. The footage of the 1900-1920s is great so much of it that I had never seen before.

Nothing has taught me more about loss than baseball. To quote A. Bartlett Giamatti

Baseball was designed to break your heart.
Which also teaches you to appreciate the good things even more. When the mini series reached the 2002 WS tears were running down my face but they were tears of joy, this documentary brought back all the memories of watching my team win the WS, I remember every thing about those games like it was yesterday.

My only small complain is that it tends to sometimes focus too much on the east coast teams NYY/BOS. But other than that kudos to Ken Burns for making such a great mini series.

5 years ago

Admiral Softy

Really fell for the infectious Rockwellian nostalgia infused in this documentary. It's hard not to feel the passion for the storied pastime with so many personalities extolling their love for the game. Plus, its just so damn long, in a good way because its loaded with interesting tidbits.

Also, I don't think the documentary is remiss for focusing primarily on the American baseball experience. Its Ken Burns after all, his forte is Americana. The game definitely has European roots and is played across the globe, but baseball as we know it is a North American invention and a story intertwined with the United States.

6 years ago

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