Safety Not Guaranteed (2012)

Three magazine employees head out on an assignment to interview a guy who placed a classified ad seeking a companion for time travel.


Sci-fi not guaranteed

7 years ago


A delightful, unexpected treat that finds a new angle on the very well-trodden ground of the quirky indie romantic comedy adding a witty time travel element that works wonderfully as an extended metaphor on love, loss and second chances in life. The solid and funny script, confident direction and terrific performances from the entire cast really raise it above the crowd.

Every character is lovingly crafted and gets their chance to shine: Aubrey Plaza gives a lovely break-out performance as stony-faced loner Darius who takes on a magazine internship and while investigating a potential crank classified ad is swept up in the strangeness of the adventure, believably softening and blossoming as she invests in Kenneth, the would-be time traveller. Mark Duplass also convinces as the similarly lonely, charmingly serious subject matter of her article - he manages a fine line skillfully; variously convincing Darius, and us, that he could either be a lunatic or genius at any given moment. Jake Johnson's abrasive, self-absorbed lead journo Jeff provides most of the laughs but also ends up providing the most touching character development in the film. Mention must also go to Karan Soni's delightfully nerdy Arnau who has his own journey of self discovery.

When the quirkier and sillier aspects of the plot calm down you are left with characters you've come to care a great deal about and their journey, into the past or just with each other, is one you've invested in. The marvellous overriding message of the film seems to be it doesn't matter how or why you travel, but who you choose to travel with. A real gem.

7 years ago


A nice enough indie dramedy. The acting is fine and is written well enough to not be predictable.

7 years ago

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