Just awful. This sad justification of the extramarital pursuits of a middle-aged man barely able to control his urges comes off as mostly pathetic, and Monroe's utterly implausible character seems to exist only to serve the overt male chauvinism of the narrative–although she executes it with as much charm and gusto as possible under the circumstances. To be fair, Ewell does his best with the material too but it's just not that strong, and his character comes off as creepy and self-serving rather than sympathetic. I'm generally a Wilder fan but this was not good in my books.

4 years ago


Enjoyed it well. Can't label it as the best Wilder movie or anything, but, it's a thoroughly enjoyable one nonetheless. The reference to "From here to Eternity" was very funny - considering I watched both the films on the same day!! :)

8 years ago


Wilder, always brilliant.

8 years ago

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