National Lampoon's Animal House (1978)

At a 1962 College, Dean Vernon Wormer is determined to expel the entire Delta Tau Chi Fraternity, but those troublemakers have other plans for him.


Weak plot padded out with scenes that end up having little relevance to other events in the movie, almost like a collection of frat house and college themed sketches. That wouldn't be so bad if the scenes were funny, but the movie only managed to raise two or three laughs from me. The main characters often came across as unpleasant and vindictive, and their lying, cheating, stealing and misogyny put me firmly on the side of the Dean.
The soundtrack's pretty good though, and the acting's OK for the most part, if a little broad.

8 years ago


best part of the movie was the sound track. apart from that a little disappointing. after all the hype I expected more.

8 years ago


I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't find this to be that great. There were one or two parts where I actually laughed, but for the most part I was just bored.

8 years ago

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