Twixt (2011)

A declining writer arrives in a small town where he gets caught up in a murder mystery involving a young girl.


This is Coppola's first masterwork since Jack (1996). He has clearly matured as an artist since his rather amateur pictures from the 1970s. But he's had 40 additional years to practice his craft, so you would just naturally expect Twixt to be as amazing as it is.

I'd expect nothing less from the fourth greatest director of all time.

7 years ago

St. Gloede

Another excellent addition to Coppola's filmography, if you've been found of his other personal projects you'll like this one as well. It's obviously mostly style over substance, so if that kind of stuff bothers you - stay away. But man, there's some utterly gorgeous photography in this one, particularly in regard to the dreamsequences. The story is thin and all over the place, perfect for this kind of film - playful and dreamlike. Enjoy!

7 years ago


Lol greenhorg

6 years ago

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