Lovely movie. I wasn't expected to like it, but I did enjoy it! I feared it would be too sappy for my liking but it wasn't. Romance is a big theme in it but it's not solely focused on that. I also love that there are two strong women in the movie.

6 years ago


Filled with clichés, but still very enjoyable. The film was produced in the early 80's, meaning that the female characters are fairly independent, strong, and interesting. This, along with some strong performances, makes the film worthwhile, in my opinion.

7 years ago


Admittedly I'm 30 years too late for this party but I found the film to be very 2-D in terms of characters and some scenes were cringeworthy. Overall I'd day that the film was lacking a deft touch. It's worth watching if it's a rainy Sunday afternoon to marvel at how outdated it is now, otherwise it's not essential viewing by any stretch of the imagination.

7 years ago

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