No matter what we say, we will always be the white people getting on the bus.

8 years ago


Imagine that you have the responsibility of a hundred lives. You are watching your only hope going away while you are standing in the rain and can do nothing but save as many lives you can…

You won't understand this unless you have seen the movie. Hotel Rwanda is a fragment of cinema that shows the ugly truth of this world: Life is not always fair. This movie is marvelous, not because it's based on true events it's because the cameras captured the recreated events very beautifully.

Don Cheadle was great and I was surprised that he didn't won the Oscar. The performances really are great. Especially in the scene when all the foreign tourists are leaving the hotel and Paul watches them, standing in the rain, as they go away safely from the riots leaving the Rwandans… the emotions run deep. You even see a lady holding a dog in the bus. Now that's creativity!

I would recommend this to everyone. It's a unique movie with a very different style of film-making. And surprisingly, it's entertaining too. Hats off to Hotel Rwanda.


8 years ago


It's an amazing movie about a horrible event.
I'm glad they didnt exaggerate the scenes with huge explosions and unrealistic moves, they kept it believable. That makes the movie and event even more memorable and I hope people wont be as ignorant of terrible events after seeing this

9 years ago

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