Curious Fact: In the 60s, It was illegal to make films on France without Jean-Pierre Leaud acting

4 months ago


François Truffaut revisits his autobiographical avatar from The 400 Blows in Antoine et Colette, a 30-minute short made for a international collective project with multiple directors giving their takes on "love at 20". An appendix to the classic The 400 Blows isn't something I necessarily wanted, but if Truffaut is going to deftly use biographical content the way he does, he could do worse than always use the same actor/character (and he would three more times). Antoine et Colette takes nothing away from the original oeuvre anyway. It tells a story of unrequited love (the 401st blow?) truthfully, and without undue sentiment. As with the first chapter of Antoine's story, Truffaut doesn't condescend to his subject and makes him neither a romantic hero nor romantic victim. This is just a thing that happened, and happens to all of us in some measure. Amusingly, young people in their 20s did a lot of texting even back in 1962, and it was kind of neat seeing how a vinyl record is pressed. Now I need to find the rest of the Antoine Doinel saga (and Colette returns to Truffaut's work too).

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