Let The Flames Begin

When people talk about how much they love Titanic, they only ever seem to mention how great the love story is. Normally I would agree on that, being as romantic as I am, but I think the most important part is the sinking part. It is heartbreaking to see all these people who are trying to save themselves or people who just give up and try to accept the inevitable.
To me, this part outweighs the whole love story, and for this part alone, I think Titantic is worth every minute you spend watching it.

8 years ago


Despite its romantic excesses, cheese-factor, and other sins, Titanic is a mountainous love story that, at the very least, doesn't deserve to be cast aside as rubbish. The climactic sinking scenes are film achievements in and of themselves, and there no less than 4 very memorable scenes throughout this film.

Not many other films can claim to have created even close to the same impact. Is it perfect? No, not in the least. Is it worth watching at least once? Absolutely.

9 years ago


Actually, more people went to see this movie because of James Cameron directing and hearing about the amazing special effects used & the nice job that was done in recreating the titanic down to every room. Many females, the dress, hairstyles, make-up. a mix really of viewers. as to the Oscars it won, perhaps people should check out what they were for before passing judgment. Best Picture IMO though I'd have preferred Good Will Hunting or L.A. Confidential to take out, but given the previous years expected Titanic to win

6 years ago

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