Certainly a movie that's quite violent and not exactly historically correct - but as that's not really this film's point I didn't mind. For me it's an unusual movie with great actors - the multilingual dialogs were fascinating.
Christoph Waltz was incredible and I also loved the performances of Michael Fassbender and some of the German cast.

5 years ago


Surprised by the "dragging, hard to watch" comments. Enjoyed every single second of it without even thinking of being bored. Already a Tarantino classic.

9 years ago


I think this movie is truly perfect and flawless in every aspect. I first saw the movie in theaters in 2009 and hated it. I was lost and bored. With each viewing I become more and more infatuated with every nuance and detail put into the film. The cinematography, the score, the acting, the plot, the dialogue… I can't find a flaw. I think the biggest connection is with the dialogue. Tarantino really has a knack for building scenes with extended dialogue but I believe it all has built towards this film. The is so engrossing that you genuinely can't look away and for such a simple scene, you can't pull yourself back for the edge of your seat. I believe it is Tarantino's magnum opus and based on Aldo Raine's final line I think he knew the same. I don't think Tarantino will ever make a movie better than Inglourious Basterds and I am completely ok with that.

5 years ago

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