Could have been so much better in terms of dialogue, plot holes, and cheesy cliche elements, but it delivers in the department that put our butts in the seat: robots vs. godzillas. Very cool and entertaining movie, but far from a masterwork.

7 years ago


I usually have nothing but disdain for these types of blockbusters but much to my surprise I have to admit I was thoroughly entertained by this film.

Let's face it, you're watching a movie about big robots bashing giant sea monsters and it does exactly what it says on the tin. Think Transformers and Godzilla combined - both truly dreadful watches in every possible sense yet Pacific Rim was fun, without the more annoying elements of the former flicks.

I hate picking holes in these absurd types of movies and god knows there are plenty in this one but one thing I still can't quite get my head around regarding the "plot" which didn't even make the slightest bit of sense by the film's own set of "rules & logic" -

Give your brain the night off and watch the only ever entertaining episode of Power Rangers ever made.

7 years ago


I heard a lot of bad things about it. I still watched it because, Giant Robots vs Alien Godzillas, let's be honest, it HAS to be awesome.
Never have I been so disappointed by a movie. It's like they tried as hard as possible to make the worse of a good blockbuster idea. The only good thing is the special effects, but they are completely drowned in the abyssmal mediocrity of every other aspect of the movie.

7 years ago

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