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Brief Encounters

250 movies

This list is a ranked list of the top 250 shorts as compiled by the They Shoot Pictures, Don't They website as a companion to their Top 1000 films. This follows a project originally started and abandoned in 2009 to do the same, the preliminary list for which was the original source of this list.

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188 149 5

1 +95

La jetée (1962)

A.k.a. La Jetée · 28 min · Directed by Chris Marker · In 18 official lists

A.k.a. La Jetée · In 18 official lists Drama · Romance · Sci-Fi · Short

9.3K 1.2K 45

11 +75

Khaneh siah ast (1963)

A.k.a. The House Is Black · 20 min · Directed by Forugh Farrokhzad · In 10 official lists

A.k.a. The House Is Black · In 10 official lists Documentary · Short

1.7K 193 12

21 +162

Simón del desierto (1965)

A.k.a. Simon of the Desert · 43 min · Directed by Luis Buñuel · In 5 official lists

A.k.a. Simon of the Desert · In 5 official lists Drama · Comedy · Fantasy

1.8K 232 9

53 +181

Tire dié (1960)

A.k.a. Toss Me a Dime · 33 min · Directed by Fernando Birri · In 2 official lists

A.k.a. Toss Me a Dime · In 2 official lists Documentary · Short

182 2 3

76 -74

...A Valparaíso (1964)

A.k.a. Valparaiso · 34 min · Directed by Joris Ivens · In 3 official lists

A.k.a. Valparaiso · In 3 official lists Documentary

484 32 3

137 -63

Hanoi, martes 13 (1968)

A.k.a. Hanoi, Tuesday 13th · 38 min · Directed by Santiago Álvarez · In 1 official list

A.k.a. Hanoi, Tuesday 13th · In 1 official list Documentary

187 4 0

177 new

Le retour d'un aventurier (1966)

A.k.a. Return of an Adventurer · 34 min · Directed by Moustapha Alassane · In 1 official list

A.k.a. Return of an Adventurer · In 1 official list

51 0 0

233 new

Letzte Worte (1968)

A.k.a. Last Words · 13 min · Directed by Werner Herzog · In 1 official list

A.k.a. Last Words · In 1 official list

273 2 4

234 new

Nicht löschbares Feuer (1969)

A.k.a. The Inextinguishable Fire · 25 min · Directed by Harun Farocki · In 2 official lists

A.k.a. The Inextinguishable Fire · In 2 official lists War

202 8 1

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For those wondering about the new update after all these years, the source is now official. There's an excel sheet on the TSPDT website for this list:, the last link in the Resources section. Hopefully it will be updated yearly from now on.

1 year ago


the youtube links people are posting in pages for these shorts are much appreciated. Keep em coming!

8 years ago


My theory is that they have no interest in this list so they just checked them all off instead of actually watching them. I agree, there are at least 20 that are almost impossible to find. I really like the competitive aspect of this site but I really wish everyone would be honest in their checking.

8 years ago


Yeah, when questioned, someone's actually admitted to me they haven't seen any of the films on a certain list because they hate those type of movies (even though they checked every film). Oh well...I won't name names. I don't see the point of lying though.

8 years ago


I don't get it though. If you're not interested in watching the movies, why even bother checking them all? So you're number on a list?

8 years ago


Fun fact - just noticed someone who has checked every single movie on every list in the Prizes category. I wonder why I smell something fishy here...

8 years ago